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Santy Jaws

2010-12-03 02:06:20 by Zerocxgenisis

He knows when you are sleeping. He knows when you awake.... He's coming for tender skin.... To rake.

Santy Jaws


2010-12-01 23:21:42 by Zerocxgenisis

Hate this Fucker, Can't seem to kill him on Monster hunter tri..... So I drew a picture out of hate, and cause he's one badass monster.


:-| X-O :-|

2010-08-31 04:05:26 by Zerocxgenisis

Wonder when I'll finally get scouted.... I'm Tired. X-O

Have you ever....

2010-08-24 03:15:58 by Zerocxgenisis

Made up a super hero?
If so, what was his story?
What were his powers?

I made one, he's kewl too. XD

Oh YEAH!!! Any animators want to join in?

I have an Idea...

2010-08-19 06:36:51 by Zerocxgenisis

Hey all you animators, I have an Idea for an animation... I have written a book and wanted to make a collabrative effort into making it a flash.

Anyone interested?

Please scout me

2010-08-19 05:56:17 by Zerocxgenisis

I don't even care if everyone likes it.... I've reached the limit to submit unscouted art. X(

Check under my art, I drew this pic of ghost rider, and out of sheer luck, it is good. XD

Are pics of sculptures....

2010-07-30 03:18:03 by Zerocxgenisis

Are pics of sculptures or models allowed to be posted?


2010-07-24 21:24:44 by Zerocxgenisis

I suck as an artist. :(